The Cardiovascular System Of The Body System

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The cardiovascular system is one of the major body systems. The cardiovascular system is a transportation device that transports waste products,oxygen,nutrients,carbon dioxide, and hormones throughout the body through the blood. The cardiovascular system is made up of the heart, arteries, veins, capillaries (also known as blood vessels and blood. The heart is a hollow fist sized organ that is made up of muscle.It contains 4 chambers that all involuntarily contract to pump blood throughout the body. The four chambers are then separated into two sides (right side and left side). Both sides contain an atria and ventricle which pumps the blood out of the heart. Both sides also stop the black flow of blood. The heart also contains 3 layers.…show more content…
Though hyperactive tension does not have signs it does have some symptoms which include dizziness, shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, and chest pain. Medication and lifestyle changes can manage hypertension such as. Peptic ulcers are round defined craters usually 1-4 comes in diameter in the mucosa of any part of the Gastrointestinal tract exposed to the secretions of the stomach, Peptic ulcers are commonly found in 50-70-year-old but may happen at any age. If untreated they can be reoccurring by healing and then flaring up again. They can be treated by medication but if left untreated they could cause anemia, a blockage in digestion, and death if the ulcer perforates. The signs of peptic ulcer are symptoms of anemia, shock due to blood loss, Pain in abdomen below ribcage, blood in vomit and blood in faeces. Some peptic ulcer doesn’t show any symptoms but if they the symptoms would be Loss of appetite, Nausea, Bloating, Indigestion and weight loss.Vital signs are important because they can help to develop a baseline for the patient so that those treating the patient know when something is not right. They also help to identify any medical problem that the patient might have. Vital signs also help show how the body is coping and responding to treatment Browns Vital signs were – 37.6, RR – 22, PR – 120, BP 190/100, SpO2 – 94%. His Vital signs show that his pulse rate and blood pressure are elevated which is due to the
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