The Care Act ( Obamacare )

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When President Barack Obama ran for office in 2008 he vowed to revolutionize the healthcare environment as it stood. With overwhelming election resuts Obama took the helm as the leader of our nation’s Medicaid program and immedialty begain lobbying for legislation to expand. Not since 1965 had our nation seen such a demeand from a president to change the landscape of healthcare for consumers and providers alike. One of the crucial elements of The Patient Protection and Afordable Care Act (Obamacare) was the need for states to expand eligibility to Medicaid in a bid aimed at improving the health of the welfare of the country Medicaid is a component of what the federal government enacted in the year 1965 that seeks to finance the delivery of better and affordable health care services to those designated “needy families” and to children. The program required states to expand the eligibility criteria to 138 percent of the federal government poverty levels to allow for the increased coverage of the children and an increase in the number of low-income earners. However, the Affordable care Act made the decision to expand the eligibility criteria the discretion of the States resulting in different state level governments opting for different approaches as some chose to expand while others decided not to expand. The subject is essential since it provides a clear insight into the effects policies pose to the healthcare sector and how people are affected. This study also allows one

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