The Care For Life Program

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Autumn Barnes IVO Independent Organizational Paper COMM 2231 Professor Bridgette Moore May 1, 2015 Care for Life Program Care for Life Program is a 501(c)(3) state funded community-based nonprofit organization. Developed to fill the void for early childhood educational services around the metropolitan areas. This organization caters to children with parents that are experiencing compromising situations such as homelessness, domestic violence and financial hardship. At Care for life, our coordinating department and parent committee strive to deliver the best support for adolescent behavioral study, family planning, and early childhood educational resources. Care for Life Program task force committee that is tasked with keeping hardship displaced children in school and off the streets. The family planning committee focuses on increasing, awareness and access to state funded resources. Care for life organization executive directors, committee, and chairs represent a board of directors that are invaluable in helping keep the organization financially viable. We are aiming to become the leading and fastest growing educational care providers for children raised in economically challenged environments. Our mission is to implement programs for children to not be left behind do to hardships and unstable living environments. Our teachers and faculty will adhere to our inclusion philosophy because we believe that every child is unique and deserving of acceptance,
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