The Care Of A Good Death Essay

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Introduction The purpose of this paper is to analysis the care of a patient who endured the death of her baby while in nursing care. In doing so, the components of the Framework for a Good Death (Emanuel & Emanuel, 1998) will be discussed. The goal is to examine the factors that come into play when caring for a patient who is experiencing grief and loss, as well as examine the multidisciplinary health disciplines utilized to offer the best of care when dealing with end-of-life decisions. What is the Framework of a Good Death? According to Emanuel & Emanuel, 1998), a good death is considered as one that is free from distress for both families and patients, follows the patients and families’ wishes, and keeps in mind ethical and cultural standards. Included in the framework are insights to end-of-life and characteristics of the dying experience, with four crucial components. Those are: characteristics of the patient, the modifiable components of the patient’s experience, interventions for family and friends, lastly the end result (Emanuel & Emanuel, 1998). In order to help our patients, achieve a “good death” health care professionals need to implement certain interventions. These interventions include addressing the patient’s physical symptoms, psychological symptoms, economic worries, social support, spiritual beliefs, and their expectations. Furthermore, making sure the patients pain and symptoms of the illness are managed, talking to the patient about their feelings
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