The Care Of A Patient

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In this assignment I am going to deliberate the care of a patient that I have looked after when working in placement on a hospital ward .I will use the Chapelhow framework to discuss two of the perspectives in relation to the patients care needs. In the Chapelhow framework there are six perspectives that are used to help reflect and discuss patient care. These six perspectives are assessment, communication, documentation, risk management, professional decision making and managing uncertainty(Chapelhow, 2005).The two perspectives I am going to use in this assignment are assessment and communication.
According to the (council, 2008): Standards of conduct, performance and ethics for nurses and midwives You must respect people 's right to
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Early recognition of signs and symptoms and taking the right steps to identify, distinguish, and manage subtypes (STEMI and NSTEMI/UA) will improve Mr James outcomes (Bradley E.H., 2006)Recognizing the signs and symptoms such as chest pain or shortness of breath suggestive of an MI and obtaining an ECG as soon as possible (goal of less than 10 minutes following presentation of a patient) should be the standard of practice to manage this patient It has been demonstrated that reperfusion of the infarct-related artery in the very first hour (golden hour) of MI reduces mortality rates (Ayrik et al. 2006, Van de Werf et al. 2008). fact, every 30 minutes of delay time, the 1-year mortality risk increases by (DeLuca et al. 2004).According to triage and first assessment guidelines (Wrightet. al. 2011) Patients who complain of chest pain , pressure , tightness or heaviness require immediate assessment by the triage nurse and should be referred for further evaluation.

Due to the fact Mr James may have suffered an MI at home the assessment procedures that were carried out in the hospital will be based on Pain, Laboratory examination and an ECG. The assessment of the cardiovascular system is an significant skill when considering patients who have cardiovascular disease .When assessing Mr James there will be a through history and clinical examination to help the nursing staff to make an insightful diagnose, for any

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