The Care Of Hospice Care

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In recent years, Hospice care has risen to popularity and is being widely used among many terminally – ill patients and their families. Hospice care supports patients and their families emotionally and physically through the dying process. Imagine being told that you have a terminal disease and that you have a limited amount of time before you die. This stress and hopelessness can be relieved by a hospice care team, that would be there for you and your family. With hospice care, both the patient and caregiver would be provided with support and optimal care. The goal of this paper is to evaluate caregivers’ perceptions and experiences concerning the care of a terminally ill loved one, and to compare the satisfaction of patients and or caregivers with and without access to hospice care programs. Introduction The goal of hospice is neither to prolong life nor to hasten the dying process, but rather, hospice focuses on comfort not curing. It helps to maximize patients’ quality of life as they travel along this last journey. Hospice care may offer several advantages over traditional, hospital-based care for people with terminal illnesses. It can be delivered in a patient’s home, allowing death to take place in the their own home, it may also optimize the relief of pain, increase patients’ and carers satisfaction, whilst allowing them to die in peace, comfort and dignity. Caring for a patient that is terminally ill can be a burden on any family. Caregivers are usually

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