The Care Practice At Reed City Family Practice

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I was placed at Reed City Family Practice in Reed City, Michigan for My field work. Essentially, this practice is a family practice which means this practice provides services for one’s entire family needs no matter of age, ranging from birth to geriatric. They provide services Such as immunizations, common cold, flu, strep, Mono, ordering diagnostics, wellness checks, yearly physicals, health maintenance, and referrals to specialists, just to name a few. while there I learned, they had eight providers and, adding more with a wide range of services they provide. As many of the providers on the site have much expertise. All the providers can treat all patients for any of these services. My experience there are that all providers want you to…show more content…
It seems in this office there is always plenty of them to do. Also, there are overdue results that patients need to get done, if the computer says it’s been too long then the medical assistant must call them patients see if they plan on having them tests done. This is an all-day thing if you have a break with patients you are on the phone. For the most part, medical assistants do not leave at 5 pm. It is very important to know your job duties as a medical assistant and, accurate with the information you accumulate from your patients as you are their advocate. You communicate with family, doctors, specialists, other health care workers concerning your patient’s needs. The providers are just as busy as their medical assistant. Most of the providers on the site have services they do that another provider doesn’t do such as, DR. Z does some common adjustments of bones and, also monitors pain for patients that have pain issues with some addiction tendencies. He will refer to the social worker on site to discuss and maintain any further addiction issues. My experience working with Dr. Z is, the more you know or the more he can show you the better. He will, as he is doing procedures will ask you if you want to see what
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