The Career As A Software Developer

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During this past year, I was fortunate enough to receive a promotion as an IT Manager. However, due to the number of employees, my main roles are still as an IT support specialist. I understand as we are a small local business. Currently, we are three-member team, including the owner. Soon, I hope to gain more managerial duties as we bring another person on board. I want armor myself with as much experience as possible to prepare for the job market. Over the past year, I have seriously been considering a career as a Software Developer. It 's an emerging career with many opportunities. It has an expected growth of 9 to 13% (15-1133.00, 2016. para. 17). I have only little experience with programming using HTML so I know it 'll take…show more content…
It is well known for having the lowest cost of living the United States and a high poverty rate of 32.4% in 2011 (Kurtzleben, 2011. Para. 1). With the area 's most employed industries being retail and food service, there aren 't many technology jobs available. Even with the little jobs that are available, they tend to pay well below the national average. I 'm in such a case in my current position. I would like to earn more, however, the local economy doesn 't allow for it. I am completely grateful to have found a job in my field so that I can gain necessary work experience for the future. However, I 'm beginning to grow out of my position, and my hometown. I want to be able to stretch my legs and shoot for the stars in a big city. I 've been wanting to relocate to Austin for the past few years because of the culture, dog friendly places, and the technology job opportunities. It seems like everyone else has had the same idea due to the rising housing rates. I 've done some careful thinking and calculating to ensure the necessary salary to live comfortably in the capital city. With a bachelor’s degree, I hope I can gain the upper edge when applying for a new position. While researching, I also discovered that San Jose, CA has the highest average potential salary for IT Managers at an astonishing $190,000. Previously, I hadn 't really given much thought to moving out of state, but now I’m considering any city that pays fairly well and matches my
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