The Career Field Of Quality Assurance

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Job Research Essay The career field of Quality Assurance is an important one and the college itself would not be here standing without it. Quality Assurance, QA for short, is an important aspect of any job, without it building would fall to ruin and the electronic tools would never do what we need them to do. QA ensures proper installation of electronic parts, the correct mixture of ingredients in concrete to allow it harden properly to hold up buildings, and the make sure that our planes fly carrying us all safely to our destinations. So as you can see QA is a very important career field and the college should show how this might be the field for those that are not sure what career they might like or know a little bit about construction …show more content…

They might also be called on to review customer complaints or a deficiency report. (OPM) A Quality Manager on the other hand will certify that a “company’s products meet a client or consumer demands.” (PayScale) The QA is needed in almost every industry from making computers to how nuts and bolts are made. So as you can see Quality Assurance is an important career that some students might not even think over as a career. Trends in QA are slower than average though it is predicted that from 2012-22 there will be a need for 25,700(OOH). The growth in this career will be around 6 percent through the same time period which shows that will always be a need for those in this field. While in specific industry the growth can be much greater such as in computer technologies and security other areas might see slower growth. So it looks as though there will be a “slow” but steady growth in this career field. As anyone looking for a new job the biggest question is pay and benefits. The pay can vary for many different reason, such as level of experience at the entry level it is possible to starting at $16.71 per hour (OOH) while a Quality Assurance Manager might start out at $58k per year and someone with 20 years plus would be making over $80k. (PayScale) Another possible variance in pay would be the industry chosen, in 2015 the median pay for someone in the Construction and Building Inspectors job cold make $53,450 per year while someone who choose Fire Inspectors and

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