The Career Field That I Am Interested

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The career field that I am interested in is being a clinical dietitian. A clinical dietitian works in a hospital and uses medical nutrition therapy to help her patients maintain health. She may work with patients with chronic diseases that need a specialized meal plan. She may also examine the nutrition levels of her patients and determine what nutritional deficiencies they may have. The overall goal for a clinical dietitian is to maintain the health of her patients. However, issues may arise concerning this goal. The clinical dietitian will have to work hard and be determined to keep patients from losing health, especially those who are already malnourished. Issues develop regarding health maintenance when there is miscommunication between the dietitian and patient, refusal of treatment from the patient, and treatment of the patient with the wrong nutritional information.
Miscommunication between the dietitian and patient can lead to key problems for treatment of health. If both the dietitian and the patient do not speak clearly to each other then confusion concerning the nutrition plan may occur. In the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Cant and Aroni stress the importance of “communication skills in achieving successful outcomes for nutrition education interventions with individuals” (510). The dietitian needs to speak clearly to the patient regarding the plan of action to bring health back to the patient and what she expects the patient to accomplish. If she…

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