The Career Future Of The Hong Kong

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Topic The Career Future of the Mainland Talents in Hong Kong Introduction After 1997, the relationship of Hong Kong and Mainland China is closer than before. Education freedom make Hong Kong be one of the links, which let the Mainland China communicate with the world (Tong, 2014). From 1998 to 2013, the number of mainland students who study in Hong Kong increases of ten times (Hong Kong Chinese University, 2014). After graduated, some mainland students want to find a good job in Hong Kong. However, they face the rat race with job hunting. One of the competitors to them is the local student. These local students grow up in Hong Kong. They accept the international education. They speak Cantonese frequently. They may hold the family relationship in Hong Kong. However, the mainland students have their own advantages. Nowadays, Chinese economy is developing quickly. Some companies in Hong Kong, especially financial company, may need the employee who can speak mandarin frequently and understand the culture of Mainland China. This research try to explain which is the employer in Hong Kong prefer to hire, local students or mainland students. In addition, the reason of the employers chose the employees. From this research, the public can find out what is the most important element the employers in Hong Kong looking for. Literature Review The article ‘Internationalization of Chinese Higher Education’ explains the development and problems in Chinese Higher Education from Han dynasty
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