The Career Goal Of Advance Practice Registered Nurse

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 Highly conscientious, dedicated and qualified skilled Registered Nurse with 20+ years background, experience within Emergency Department, Medical/Surgical ICU, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Case Management setting where a diverse professional skill are utilized with excellent assessment and analytical skills seeking Nurse Corps Scholarship to advance my career goal of Advance Practice Registered Nurse

 Have extensive experience in working with a broad range of medical conditions, patient care demographics and level of acuity within managed care environments in the community. Have exceptional leadership and communication skill, with proven ability to increase organization profits through great customer service as an organizational leveraging insurance industry for reimbursement, creative problem solving, attention to detail and persistence

 Have a strong interest in chronic disease and working with underserved communities and health disparities. As a senior Registered Nurse, Nurse Manager and educator, I am responsible for supervising the staffs and serve as an advisor for staff 's education and information in formulating appropriate strategies, program planning and policy formulation with strong leadership experience through building and leading teams. I have experience in budget and resources management, data analysis using Excel, SAS and SPSS. Skilled at communicating technical and non-technical materials to audience, peers and administrators

 Skilled at
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