The Career I Have Picked Is Teaching

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the career i have picked is teaching i want to teach because i love being in the room with kids i can relate to i enjoy helping them and i like the challenge of teaching teaching there is alot of stuff u have to do to be come one to be a good one here are some examples. (1) you have to learn from your students as well as they learn from you. (2) you have to respect them and they will respect you. (3) you have to make learning fun you can 't just set there and talk all hour you have to make it fun. teachers have to do lots of planning and preparing you have to make a study plan or a lesson plan. there 's more to it than just setting down and looking online u have to make notes u have to make home work and study guides and tests its…show more content…
all teachers in a public school are certified or licensed to teach those in a private school may not be required to be. high school teachers are typically awarded a secondary or or high school certification this allows them to teach 7th-12th graders. the certification levels vary from state to state often teachers have to attend meeting or classes and be tested to keep their license. all states offer an alternative way to get their license if they already have a bachelor 's degree.this way teaches child development and teaching order to git licensed or certified teachers have to go through a feild test weher they shadow a techer then teach there class for a whiel. teachers have to have communication skills. they have to collaborate with other teachers to see what methods work. teachers have to have patience not with just students but with teachers. they also need to have resourcefulness so that way when a student needs help they know exactly how to help them and if a teacher needs help they can ask a coworker. teachers that specialize in certain areas they spend some time in a lab or group project they need to do this so the kids enjoy their time and also learn and not get bored with you or that class. teachers like seeing their students grow and learn its very rewarding. teachers have duties here are a few of them they plan lessons,assess students to evaluate their abilities and strengths,and teach students
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