The Career I Selected Is A Secondary Education Teacher

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The career I selected is a secondary education teacher. Basically I want do a job that most people don’t want to do, work with kids. My whole life I have loved kids even as a kid I loved playing teacher and creating fake lessons. Growing up I was always around teachers, because my mom, dad, grandma, and great aunt were all teachers. That’s a long line of people to look up to, so I knew from the stat what I wanted to do. Being a kindergarten or elementary school teacher I will be teaching younger children and preparing them for higher education, by teaching them the basic skills like reading and writing. My typical duties entail creating lessons that help my students better themselves in the reading, writing and math fields. Also I help them identify there strengths and there weaknesses. Another thing I would do is be teaching the students how to follow rules and how to enforce them. I also help students prepare for standardized test required by the state. For me to become a teacher I would have to receive a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. If I want to work in a public school I would also need to get a teacher certificate, this is usually required by all public schools. Some schools recommend that you also get a master’s degree but it is not required. Elementary school teacher are usually certified to teach from preschool age to third grad children. I plan to focus on the lower level children. Skills that are important for this job are you have to have
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