The Career Oath Of Forensic Meteorology

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Forensic Meteorology Most people know what their friendly neighbor weatherman or woman’s job is; forecast and report the weather. They mainly attempt to solve the weather for the week, but could a meteorologist be the remaining factor in a crucial court case? Not that many people know that Forensic Meteorology exists, what its’s requirements are, or even the fields of study. But even if they do know it exists, most likely, they don’t know it’s purpose in the judicial system or in the field of science. Forensic scientists are the newest career oath for both rookie weathermen and women; using their knowledge of the atmosphere and applying it in the court room. Forensic meteorology is a relatively new and booming derivative of the meteorology industry. Meteorology is essentially the scientific study of the state of the atmosphere, or current condition of the weather. Forensic meteorologist can perform the same exact tasks as a regular meteorologist is able to do, however they can apply their weather skills toward serving justice toward the innocent. Mostly made up of highly educated meteorologists, forensic meteorologist are considered experts in knowing when, how, and why certain weather events occur. They are skilled at reassembling past weather events that occurred at a distinct period of time and place. Frank Lombardo, a Forensic Meteorologist and president of WeatherWorks Inc, describes forensic meteorology as “A combination of science, art, and

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