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When it comes to choosing a career path there are various questions one must consider. What do I want to do for the rest of my life? How much money will I make? What population will I work with? What kind of skills will I need? For me, I knew very early on that I wanted a career that focused on helping people. This budding interest to help others, coupled with the suicide of a close childhood friend is what lead me to pursue a career in social work. After starting the BSW program here at Wayne State University, I knew that I had made the right career choice. However, I soon learned that if I wanted to be the best social worker that I could be, I would have to further my education and obtain my master’s degree.
When my childhood friend,
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A social worker’s job is to be a voice for the voiceless, it is their duty to serve diligently for the oppressed. It is also their job to comply with the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics are a vital aspect of the social work profession. As a social worker, I will be committed to not only being a change agent for my clients, but also following the guiding principles of the NASW’s Code of Ethics. Following these ethical standards would shape my practice as a social worker into preforming competently, ethically, and respectfully throughout the field. Consequently, holding me accountable as a professional and making it my responsibility to practice with integrity on the behalf of myself, clients, and colleagues.
One challenge that I’ve experienced in the social work practice as an intern was placing expectations on clients. There is nothing wrong with expecting your client to succeed, it is relatively imperative to always have a positive attitude when working with clients. However, it does become an issue when the social worker has a predetermined timeframe of when they think certain clients should be achieving goals. Initially, it seemed natural to think that the progression of clients is steadily consistent. Nevertheless, that is not the case with every client. Clients are just as likely to lose motivation and decrease in progression over time. The key to
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