The Career Of A Civil Engineer

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As Corrie Ten Boom once said “When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don 't throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.” Engineering has always been an interesting job for many people, dealing with how structures stand and what makes them stand draws a large amount of people towards this career. Engineers aren 't just responsible for the shape of a building, but they must bear the responsibility of the structural stability of the building as well. They keep these structures safe for the people while meeting the design standards given, this requires a tremendous amount of skill in physics, problem solving, and three-dimensional conceptual skills to assist them during the challenges that they…show more content…
Combine all the responsibility for making sure that everything is safe and there will be no problems years after the project is finished, they also have to meet all regulations and guidelines that are given by the employer and the state. Moving past all the general duties, there are countless other small, specific responsibilities that engineers undertake. An average day is filled with inspecting the goals of the project, doing the math to make sure everything will stand sturdy and be safe, and they also have to go out onto the site and make sure that everything fits together and there will be no problems. Civil engineers must be prepared to follow the project from start to finish, they need to be willing to endure extra hours and make any changes that seem necessary to complete the project while ensuring the safety of the people. The average civil engineer works full time, and about one in four engineers work more than forty hours a week, which could be even more depending on their role and position on the construction job. The hours vary between engineers, however, with more responsibility, the engineers must also be willing to work extra hours to complete what they have started. Engineering is a very experienced based job, so there are not a large number of qualifications except the ability to gain experience over time and some college education. To become a civil engineer, you need to obtain a bachelor 's degree in college and study in
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