The Career Of A Naval Nurse

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The famous Helen Keller once said “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.” When a girl was younger before her grandfather passed away he used to tell her all about the adventures he went on as a kid. He talked about how he and his brothers used to get in trouble playing with toy guns and pretending they were soldiers. When he grew up into a handsome young gentleman he went and joined the Navy. Every time she went to him he always told her a new adventure he and the boys (the crew) would go on. He was her inspiration to want to join the navy, but her hero is the real reason for her to want to be a nurse. The career of a Naval Nurse is a lifelong worth of…show more content…
Collaborating with physicians, surgeons, cardiologists and fellow nurses as colleagues and equals. Then develop the leadership skills that sets you apart from other Nurses. As a Naval Nurse you will be working 24/7 depending on where and what you are doing. For some individuals they work 12 hour in a hospital, as to when a Naval nurse would work between the hours of morning to night when they are overseas. Most Naval nurses are stationed on land just like a civilian nurse, but they always get a chance to go on a ship during training or when they are needed. On every ship there is medical personnel to help the Naval personnel on the ship. Men and women between 17 and 34 years of age can enlist to serve as a Naval corpsman. Navy corpsman applicants must have a high school diploma, at minimum. You can 't become a Navy corpsman if you have a history of drug abuse or have an adversely adjudicated drug abuse offense on your record. Most prospective Navy corpsmen first attend Navy recruit training at Great Lakes, Illinois. Navy hospital corpsman initial training is held at the U.S. military 's Medical Education and Training Campus, METC, at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. All Navy corpsmen candidates attend the joint Navy and Air Force Basic Medical Technician Corpsman, BMTC, program at METC. After graduation from BMTC, a new Navy corpsman might receive additional specialty training or go to his or her first Navy or Marine Corps unit. In order to enlist, prospective Navy
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