The Career Of A Nurse

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According to World Book Encyclopedia, the career of nursing has advanced throughout history. It has developed from the nurse been a housekeeper to a trained professional that could help the sick recover. Nurses in the past never went to a school, they were nuns or other women who provide care for the disadvantaged who had no family support. These women only had knowledge of nursing from what they learned from family and friends. Nurses were not respected in the early days because been a nurse was not consider a reputable career. A nurse’s job was to make patients comfortable in their final days. My research shows that Nursing before the 20th century was the darkest for a nurse; and her patient. During this, time people did not know the…show more content…
A nurse could know aid the doctor, performing many procedures and life- saving measures that were only done by doctors. Nursing means to care for the sick and injured it has change over (World Book the years but its primary role is to care for those who cannot care for themselves Encyclopedia pg. 463-464). My research shows that there are three key figures in the advancement of nursing as we know it today. These pioneers blazed a trail for the women and men of today. They were Florence Nightingale considered the leading founder of nursing, and she was the first to realize the importance of good cleanliness and proper nutrition. Margaret Sanger was the first to fight for a woman’s right to choose birth control she also started the movement to inform women about sex. Clara Barton, one of the founders of the American Red Cross prompted the idea of service in time of war, and natural disasters, the protocols she implemented are still used by the agency today. This paper will also look at the main fields of nursing. Registered Nurse one of the highest position in nursing, RN’s work side by side with the doctor to care for patients. LPN, a Licensed Practical Nurse, performs a wide variety of task with the supervision of the RN. CNA, a Certified Nurse Assistant, are to provide personal care mainly to patients and works with both the RN and the LPN (www.Nursing Schools the
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