The Career Of A Professional Accountant

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In Canada there is now one professional accounting designation. This designation produces accountants for different areas of the workforce and you must go through the program to get a job as an accountant. (a).Identify the professional accounting designations required in Canada to become a professional accountant.
Chartered Professional Accountant(CPA) is a professional designation that is replacing those granted by the three former accounting bodies in Canada: Canadian institute of chartered Accountants(CA), Certified General Accountants Association of Canada(CGA) and Certified Management Accountants of Canada(CMA).
(b).Describe this designation in your own words.
The designation is a vocational certificate to prove that the
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And I must be a Tax Attorney, a tax attorney is usually necessary for large, complex transactions, usually in consolidation, business structure, etc.The last one is Enrolled Agent(EA). The EA is America 's earliest tax credential. EA is trained in tax compliance: it is the all of their existence and its affection keeps.
(e).What are three different business fields/areas that you feel accountants are necessary? Explain why you feel this way.
a.Real estate leasing
With the improvement of economy, the real estate market in general will follow, the landlord mean more business, can improve the lease price. I think it is a opportunity for real estate leasing.
b.Real estate agents and brokers
A real estate agent is a person licensed negotiations, arrangement of real estate deals. It can be directly linked to accounting.
c. Management companies
The directors, who are responsible for the shareholders, will take responsibility for the company and its activities and finances. The companies should have their own bank accounts, and records must be kept of all expenditure and income. The company raises funds by levying subscription or other charges.
(f).What area in the business world would you personally be interested in and choose to work in. Why would you select this area?
In my opinion, business economics is better.Commercial economy entails the understanding of the global economy and its connection
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