The Career Of A Professional Workplace

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A professional workplace is an environment that produces numerous challenging situations and if not handled correctly, could create a very unproductive organization. A well-qualified employee is selected to be responsible for controlling all or part of a company, including difficult situations that arise between co-workers. The term given to this worker is a manager; their main task in the organization is to get things done through the efforts of other people. This may sound like a rather simple task, but it is very deep and layered with different difficulties. Henry Mintzberg, an internationally renowned author on business and management, broke down the tasks a manager faces into ten different interrelated roles. According to Mintzberg’s managerial roles, there are three categories that break up the ten roles a manager performs: Interpersonal, Informational, and Decisional. Interpersonal encompasses figurehead, leader, and liaison. Informational includes monitor, disseminator, and spokesperson. Finally, Decisional covers entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, and negotiator. It is clear that being a manager is a demanding job and it is not for the easily overwhelmed individual. There are numerous different research projects that have been performed in hopes to discover a new way for managers to be more effective and successful in their day to day activities. A remarkable amount of research supports that five basic dimensions underlie most personality
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