The Career Of A Real Estate Agent Essay

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The career of a Real Estate agent is a unique work environment that has various opportunities and requires specialized study and various personal attributes to successfully run a real estate team or brokerage at a high level of business. As a result of research, l have concluded that a Real Estate career is a possible career choice for me. The real estate work environment ranges from person to person. A single person may conduct his or her business completely alone, or teams of multiple agents may work together. Teams can also work under a brokerage or work independently, although a broker’s license is required for an independent team. Real Estate teams that work under a brokerage must pay a percent of earned commission to that brokerage. An example of a brokerage is Keller Williams Capital Partners. This brokerage has multiple teams conducting operations under their name. For every sale that a team makes under Keller Williams, they must pay a percent of their commission, or profit. By obtaining a broker’s license, a team or individual receives one hundred percent of the commissioned they make. This serves as an attractive business opportunity, however requires completion of another exam and classes separate from real estate licensing classes. In the year 2014, about 421,300 real estate jobs were recorded ( A real estate agent spends much of their time working away from an office desk ( An agent spends a majority of the workday with clients, helping

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