The Career Of A Veterinarian

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A British actress named Hannah Murray once said, “I really loved animals when I was little - my friend and I had an imaginary vet 's office; we would mime doing surgery on animals. We treated more injuries than illnesses - fixing with a baby bear with a broken leg, removing a tumor. Of course, our surgeries would take about five seconds; that 's how good we were.” As far back as one girl can remember, she always had a pet of some kind. She currently has a pet dog, and she became sick, and would have seizures. When her mom and took her to the Vet’s office, she remembers how the doctor saved her dog’s life and how grateful she and her mother were to not lose a member of our family. The career of a veterinarian is a rewarding career, because one has the opportunity to care for beings who can’t for themselves. The research will describe the career of a veterinarian, what is required to become successful, and the impact this career has on society. The Veterinary practice began long ago, around 3000 BC. The veterinarians were mostly used for treating livestock, instead of pets. The practice had been mainly focused on horses as well, and in 1761, the first veterinary school was open, and that is when the practice actually started. Animals such as dogs and horses were used during World War 1, and so veterinarians had to be there to help tend to injured animals. Today, veterinarians are still as important and there is a variety of different types of veterinarians. Animals

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