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The Career of Animation Animation; an art form with the ability to tell a story and convey a multitude of emotions along with information. Animation can be found almost everywhere in media from commercials, to movies, to games. Every single animation need an animator or a team of animators to create it. There are many kinds of animation: 2D, 3D, motion graphics, visual effects. Each of these categories may have multiple people working on them using their own special skills to produce the final product. The reason for researching this occupation is because of my fascination and respect for the craft. I admire the art of storytelling immensely and the creativity that goes into it.
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Animators, no matter what type, must play many roles and are tasked with responsibility because a team could be counting on them.
Skills and Qualities The skills an animator possesses are integral to the work they do. Without their skills, they are out of a job. For 3D animators, they must learn the modeling software used by the company who is hiring them. Using the correct software is key because in a team must be able to easily transition a project from person to person without hassle. Some of the most common software used in the 3D industry are Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Photoshop, and After Effects (“3D Animation Careers: Job Description & Salary Information”). Keeping up to date with new technology is vital. Other skills also attractive to an employer, involve proficiency in Adobe products, being able to code, drawing skills, and communication skills (Flavin). Having a base knowledge of many software is a safe bet in the industry.
According to Andrew Gordon, directing animator at Pixar, an animator should first work on traditional art because it helps with compositing and creating visually appealing shots. Furthering themselves into their profession so they stand out. Secondly, he recommended working in depth in a single area of the field and excelling at that aspect. In 3D animation studios like Pixar, these aspects could be modeling characters, modeling environments, simulations,
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