The Career Of Army Combat Operations

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Janis Karpinski once said “The war was declared over - the end of major combat operations - in May 2003. Release procedures got under way immediately; reducing the population from 8,000 to just over 300, of course, requires fewer military police soldiers.” As a child, I always wanted to protect my country and be a part of a positive cause. The career of a ARMY Combat Operations Enlisted is an challenging and remarkable career, because of the duty you do for your country and all the training needed. The research will describe the career of ARMY Combat Operations Enlisted soldier, what is required to become successful in this career, and the impact this career has on society. The infantry is the oldest and one of the most important of…show more content…
You have to go to MEPs for medical and vocational aptitude testing. You have to take the ASVAB in high school to see what jobs will be opened up to you, if you don 't do it in high school you have to do it at MEP’s. You need a score of 31 to be able to do infantry. The higher your score more careers open up to you, so it 's best for you to study before you take the test. Females and males both are able to the occupation of infantrymen. Many people go into the military after high school. You have to be mentally stable, be able to handle stressful situations. Joining the Infantry is a career where you need to have a steady mindset, you cannot crack under pressure you have to be mentally strong. If you are planning on going into the military under the occupation of Infantrymen the best course to prepare you in high school is JROTC. If you want to go into the military as a officer or a rank higher than E1, 4 years in college will make you an officer in the Army and any years in college will boost your rank higher than E1 when you go in. All the training you are doing the military is paying for it. You have to go to infantry school where you will be taught certain things like weapons operation and how to keep your weapons in good maintenance. How to operate the military vehicles and keep them running right, how to navigate so you won 't get lost. You will learn how to carefully and safely get through a minefield, the school will also teach you how to develop fighting
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