The Career Of Clinical Medicine

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As a candidate who previously had worked in the department of Internal Medicine for several years as clinician, resident, and research scholar, I know that residency training requires absolute commitment to excel in every tier to become an excellent physician and take responsibility to reach out to others in need. A career in clinical medicine has always been my inspiration; however, I chose to avail myself from basic science and translational researches before completing internal medicine residency training in the hope of gaining experience that would make me all rounded, and, ultimately, a better physician. As an aspiring academic scholar, and as I prepare for my journey towards this goal, I followed a stimulating intellectual path that promotes lifelong learning and what I hope will prove to be a long and rewarding feat.
I have always possessed a strong interest in understanding the intricacies of biology, which had influenced one of the most important decisions of my life; joining medical school. As much as it was an enjoyable day-to-day learning process, during the clinical years, I particularly relish my internal medicine rotation experience that involved intricate thought processes in understanding complex diseases, diagnostic approaches, and patient management. That experience certainly kindled my interest in internal medicine; the more I learned, the more I wanted to join the department.
As a junior faculty member, my experience had been both gratifying and

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