The Career Path For The Medical Field

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Final Reflection This is year is my first year attending Oakland University and I knew that going into the year that I wanted to go into the medical field, I was just undecided what specifically I wanted to go in to. After taking this class, I have decided that I want to go into the pharmacy program. I am glad that I took this course because it introduced me to many career paths that I did not know about let alone think about as a possible career choice. I decided that I was very interested in pharmacy after learning more about it during the week three weekly response. I think this will be a great career path for me because I am very interested and enjoy math and science, which are a big part of this program and I also want to have a job in the medical field with a less hands on approach. I have gained a lot of information throughout the semester by taking this course. My knowledge of the careers in the health before taking this course was that I knew that there were doctors, surgeons, and nurses. Now, after taking this course I have realized more about the various types of positions throughout the health field such as a registered dietician, physician’s assistant, pharmacist, exercise science, and physical therapist. After I complete this course, I plan to continue my education on working to complete pre-pharmacy at Oakland and finishing up pharmacy school at Wayne State. I have decided that I want to be a pharmacist working in the hospital environment. This class also
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