The Career Path Of A Social Worker : A Career For My Career

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Choosing a career path is the most significant decision one will make in their lifetime. In order to aid me in my selection, I have chosen to do research on vocations that interest me. While selecting an occupation to study, a few jobs caught my attention, such as a substance abuse counselor or a mental health counselor. Yet, after additional research, I decided to pursue the career path of a social worker, There are a few topics within the life of a social worker that I desired information about, from the education and training required, and the work environment, to the responsibilities, income range, and job outlook. After nearly a month of research, I can conclude that a social worker may be a plausible occupation for my future. First of all, before one can think about their future career, they must accomplish the education and training required to become a member of the field they wish to work in. For instance, social workers minimally hold a Bachelor’s degree in social work, or in a related field, such as sociology or psychology. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states, “A BSW prepares students for direct-service positions, such as caseworker or mental health assistant,” (“Education”, Bureau of Labor Statistics). In addition, if one chooses, they can obtain a Master’s degree or Doctorate in social work. These degrees will give the graduate more experience to present when applying for positions in social work, thus qualifying them for a higher salary, with more benefits.

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