The Career Path Of Attending College

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The options for a career are endless and it can be problematic to choose from all of those choices. No matter which option is chosen, the general populace and their frustrating traits are a constant dilemma that must be faced every day. After choosing the path that will be taken, the next choice to make is how to best prepare for that path. Attending college is the best way to prepare for just about any career, and it generally creates the best outcomes and the greatest opportunity to have a good future. The challenge, as stated before, will be in dealing with other people, whether it be subordinates, peers, or supervisors. Psychology will help in the understanding of myself and others and can help me be more productive in the workplace. The first career path that I chose to take was to be a soldier, but now I will embark on a different path, that of an educational psychologist.
Studying psychology will help me to understand the complex mental processes that students have with their learning disabilities. I will be able to apply my understanding of human behavior to various instances and use my knowledge to help students in their everyday lives. Communication is vital in every aspect of life and by helping students develop a better understanding of communication skills, I can increase the effectiveness of their communication efforts with others. Verbal communication is the most advantageous mode of correspondence that we as humans possess, but there are those who are not
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