The Career Path Of Forensic Science

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The first job that popped into my mind when this assignment was assigned was a trial lawyer. Seeking justice in this crazy thing we call life seems like a very important job, and I would enjoy a job with such importance. I have always been a person that would go out of my way to help those in need, so being a trial lawyer would be the perfect fit. I would defend those who have been neglected by someone or something. I would provide a balance between the law and the citizens. The next career I would enjoy pursing would be a forensic scientist. This choice is funny, but also the one I have thought the hardest about pursing. Before last semester I had not really thought about a specific career too much. Once I got closer and closer to…show more content…
I have changed my mind a million times, and I will probably change it a million more. The only one that has been a constant reoccurrence when asked that impossible question was a career in law. I had never really thought about it hard until last semester. I had always been told jokingly that I love to argue and prove myself right all the time I should just become a lawyer. I would just usually laugh it off, but they seemed to be right. I know having a career in law is not all about arguing and being right all of the time, but I contain many of the same characters that a career in law asks for. I am compassionate, I am a hard person to crack, I am willing to put in the work until the job is done, I strive for justice when justice is due, and much more. The main point is that through all of the inconsistency in my career path, being a lawyer has always been there in the back of my mind. I finally made the decision last November when I applied to Missouri State choosing the major of Criminology. I plan to graduate from Missouri State and then proceed to law school where I will face the biggest challenge in my life on my way to becoming the best lawyer I can be. I know that saying I want to be a lawyer can be a very broad term, but like I stated earlier, I still really do not know where my life is headed. At my time at Crowder College I tried to be put in as many law related classes that I could so I could get some sort of starting ground, and I think that it has
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