The Career Path Of Surgery

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Surgery is a vast career that goes beyond the years of schooling and education to treat individuals who need intensive care. It has been said that surgeons have one of the most rewarding careers. Though becoming a surgeon is an extensive career path, I rely on a ten-year plan to keep me in order. I understand that I will be spending the next ten years in school and continuing learning post education, but as long the more I know about the process of becoming a surgeon, the easier it will be to follow through. I have so many desires: I want to save the world, fix the people in it, and make them stronger – but first, I must finish community college. I distinctly remember sitting in Mrs. Robinson’s kindergarten class spilling jokes with my buddy Mario. He was funny, he was kind, and he was ejected from the back seat of his mother’s car because he was not wearing his seat belt. Instead of walking to class together, I now pushed Mario to our room from where his mother dropped him off only steps away from. He went home before all of our other classmates. One day after he left, Mrs. Robinson asked the class if we had any questions regarding Mario’s accident. It was the first time most of us had ever experienced someone close to us enduring such pain, so of course we jumped into the conversation. I personally wanted to know everything that I was scared to ask my best friend: how did he get into the car if he was in a wheelchair? Why his legs were always covered with a blanket –

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