The Career Path Using My Christian Worldview

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Cognate/Career Synthesis: Apply what you learn How many friends, brothers, sisters and coworkers do you know that have a degree and don’t use them? This is a theme throughout our nation, especially those serving in the military. It has almost become a check in the box just to get your foot in the door. Once you get the job they train you on what that specific company needs or wants. I am here to tell you that you can utilize your degree in your job, not just to get the job. This paper will take what I have learned and directly correlate it to my career path using my Christian worldview. Do I need a degree to work in military and be successful? The answer to this question is no. The military encourages self-progression, and reward it by better odds of getting promoted. Out of employed college graduates, 51 percent of them have jobs that degrees are not required. My field does not require me to have a degree, however I am able to employ the education in a positive manner. The career path that I have chosen to pursue is an instructor/writer position with the military. Instructor/Writer for the US Army Transportation School Corps Service School, Serves as Course Manager for the Warrant Officer Basic Course. Develops, monitors and evaluates student progress in classroom, laboratory, and field instruction. Provides mentorship and acts as academic liaison between the class and the Transportation School. Prepares and presents conference and performance orientated technical
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