Essay on The Career of Dr Al Muderis, a Bionic Surgeon

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Why do we go on journeys? A journey is usually the consequence of burning curiosity, an attempt for relaxation or basically just to learn more about the world than our daily newspapers will accommodate. I think everyone here understands that a journey is subjective, it really can be anything from a trip down to the spider infested basement to a valiant voyage over the pacific. This being said, what if your journey was propelled unexpectedly from the deep depths of intimidation and panic, leaving you no choice but to desert everything you know and literally run for your life? For Dr Al Muderis, his journey was forced, rooted from the circumstances his country was accustomed to. Today, the doctor could truly be identified to be in the higher…show more content…
Without even the comfort of sitting down, he endured the voyage that encompassed violent unpredictable seas over the international waters shared with over 160 others. However still offering medical expertise to the seasick and even pregnant women. After surviving the violent churning of waves, he arrived in Christmas Islands where he spent the next 10 months referred to as just a number, in horrific conditions of Curtin illegal immigrant prison. The sickening heat, was only made worse from the constant frustration fuelled riots, and discrimination that plagued the detention centre. He finally received an long-awaiting Australian visa but was told his medical certifications would not be recognised. I wouldn't really know what its like getting a medical degree but i can imagine it takes a considerable amount of effort, passion and determination- determination thats obviously a major quality to Dr Muderis as despite this set-back, he ventured out again and managed to obtain a job as a Surgical Registrar. Soon enough, fulfilling his dream of becoming orthopaedic robotics limb surgeon. And a famous one at that. If his story doesn't spark admiration I’m not sure what possibly could. He literally went from being almost forced mutilate another human, to giving his patients the freedom to function after the tragic loss of a limb through cutting edge technology and modern

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