Essay about The Career of Respiratory Therapist

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Respiratory Therapist Respiratory care makes a difference. And there are reasons why a Respiratory Therapist would be a great job. A guest speaker came into our class to explain more about the job. He explained education requirements, the job description, and the job opportunities. Education requirements, is what a student needs to reach the goal of becoming a respiratory therapist. There are a total of 379 respiratory technician colleges/universities in the U.S. Such as, IUP, CCAC, and many more. For a Respiratory Therapist the most you need is a Bachelor?s Degree, which takes 4 years. For this major you, there is Technical School(1+year), Associate Degree(2 years), and Bachelor?s Degree(4 years). Then the degree you end up …show more content…
Next, there are the hours which you can either work morning or night shift. Usually 8 or more hours a day. They monitor about 15 patients each day, checking on them at least twice. Also, they help newborns, people with smoking problems, place people on ventilators, and deal with intensive care units. They are pretty busy throughout their day. Respiratory Therapist would have to be friendly and have good social skills to deal with different patients. Also, have a strong stomach, because they deal with a lot of nasty things. On the plus side there is always the opportunities. Job opportunities for a Respiratory Therapist are great. Any health careers are always in need. The salary for being a Respiratory Therapist is roughly $59,000 a year. The salary seems to go up each year, because the demand for this job is in great need in most areas. The benefits of being a Respiratory Therapist is just knowing you helped someone in need. Which makes you feel better about yourself. Also, there?s only about 5% paper work involved, which isn?t a lot at all. But then there is always the negative aspects of the job, which involve dealing with nasty things. Such as spit, blood, vomiting, and more. Overall, it?s a good job to pursue. In conclusion, the speaker that introduced the class to this job, covered everything you needed to know. Every job has the good and the bad. But helping others makes people feel better about themselves. There were a lot of
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