The Career of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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Throughout her life, she faced much discrimination. She grew up in a time in America where women and other minorities weren’t always thought of as equals. For example, during her hearing before the Committee On the Judiciary United States Senate, Ginsburg talked about a sign she saw in Pennsylvania that had said “No Jews or dogs” when she was a teenager. Also during her hearing, she talked about how she felt about discrimination saying that it was something she always felt strongly about (U.S. Congress, 139). Despite the discriminations she was put up against, Ginsburg rose above them and became the first Jew and the second lady appointed to the Supreme Court.
Neither one of her parents had much of an educational background. Because of this, her mother encouraged Ginsburg to pursue a higher education (“Jewish Women's Archive”). Her mother had a huge impact on her Ginsburg’s life, she said, “I think of her often when I am in challenging situations that compel a top performance” (Swiger, 55). The day before Ruth Ginsburg graduated from James Madison High School, her mother sadly died from cancer. After high school, Ginsburg furthered her schooling by attending college. She graduated and achieved her Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in government in 1954. There was where she met her husband Marty Ginsburg (“Jewish Women's Archive”). According to Ruth her husband…

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