The Career of Sports Management Essay

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How would you like to sit ringside at a boxing match, courtside at a basketball game, or even better, at the 50-yard line, on the bench, with the players on the football team? Your thinking, “How could a person have those amazing seats without actually participating in the sport?” Well, there are certain professions that give you those incredible opportunities if you are not able to be a player or a coach. Sports management allows you to take part in worldwide sporting events on the business end. Sports management dates back to the beginning of sports but it was not really organized. In the 1960’s, a man by the name of Dr. James G. Mason started academic programs that allow people to partake in sports management. After 1966, when Dr.…show more content…
Sports management professionals are required to be college educated. There are some colleges or universities who offer specific majors for sports management whereas others, that don’t offer sports management as a major, advise students to major in either marketing, accounting, business management, or business law. There are a lot of sports agents or supervisors that, along with there degree in sports management or an alternate, also have a degree or are trained as attorneys. When students come out of college, they start at the bottom of the career ladder. Once they enter their career field, they have to work their way up by first starting at low-level jobs. It is recommended that students or graduates engage in internships at low-level management jobs like team offices or school athletic departments. A good way to learn the basics of sports management and show dedication to athletics and athletes is to volunteer as a coach for local teams or volunteer as an official. It may be hard to find jobs like these to volunteer in but there could be advertisements in local newspapers or on career sites (Sports Management). In addition, there are certain regions that are closer to sports and sporting events. Those regions would be a better place to attend college because finding an internship would be a lot easier (Sports Business Degrees). The working conditions for professional sports management professionals depends on where
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