The Careers Of Communication As A Career In Communication

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From its origins, communications was a very broad study and encompassed many fields. The study of communications, or the field of communications originally derived from three separate areas of study: psychology, sociology and political science. One can see the impact of this today as communications branches into many fields of study and is involved in a number of careers. Broadcasting and Public Relations are among the most popular careers from this degree but communications travels much farther than that. A degree in communications can take one from producing behind the scenes to being in front of the camera conducting interviews with politicians or celebrities. Other careers that utilize a communications degree include Entertainment Journalism, Event Planning and Media Planning. Each of these fields are unique to themselves but also share many similarities with one another. When taking a closer look, one can see just how different and lively each of these careers is.
To begin, Entertainment Journalism is journalism that is specific to the entertainment industry. This type of journalism covers anything from film, TV, and music to video games. The route to become an entertainment journalist can vary, however a bachelor's degree in communications or journalism is the most common way to get started. Internships are also extremely important for this field, as networking and “getting your foot in the door” is the top way to acquire a job in this career. Some skills and
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