The Caring Moment

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The Caring Moment Brittany Seawright NUR/403 June 18, 2012 Stephanie Merck The Caring Moment Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring was developed in 1979 (Cherner, 2007). Watson’s nursing theory was developed to bring meaning and focus to nursing as a diverse health profession (Cherner, 2007). Watson believed caring is what heals and help patients to live (Cherner, 2007). She believed patients should be treated as a whole to promote health. Watson’s theory has transformed the way nurses care for patients today; nurses build caring-interpersonal relationships with patients, treat patients as holistic beings- body, mind, and spirit, and provide care with a positive attitude. Background of Watson’s Theory Jean Watson is from West…show more content…
19). Nursing is caring for others with love and compassion to promote health, prevent illness, and restore health (Current Nursing, 2012). Environment Watson believes the nurse is the environment (Alligood, 2012). The environment is the place where patients are loved, cared for, and healed through intentional introduction of relaxing, music therapy, pleasant smells, meditation, and patients chosen rituals (Alligood, 2012). Watson describes caring and love that comes from self and is given to others, such as own workplace, to transform patients environment (Alligood, 2012). Caring Moment A caring moment occurs when the nurse and patient come together and have a human-to-human connection in which both the nurse and patient are inspired through the relationship built and the caring moment (Watson, 2012). Once the nurse and patient develop that caring moment, he or she can build a transpersonal relationship. A transpersonal caring relationship is between two individuals, the nurse and the patient, which goes beyond self and beyond the caring moment, extending to the deeper context of spirit (Watson, 2012). The nurse can connect with the patient spiritually through being caring and developing a trusting relationship with the patient. I believe every nurse has experienced a caring moment with his or her patients. There is one caring moment that comes to mind that I experienced while working in the emergency room. I had a patient who was beaten up by a

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