The Carlson Company : A Global Marketing, Travel, And Hospitality Company

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The Carlson Company is facing serious problems with sex trafficking in the global tourism. The Carlson Company is a global marketing, travel, and hospitality company. In 2004, Marilyn Carlson Nelson, Chief executive officer of the Carlson Company, signed the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism. This is a global project that allows Carlson Company and nongovernmental organizations to prevent children sex trafficking and prostitution at a tourist destination. After the signing of the project, Carlson Company created policies that will fight against commercial sexual exploitation of children. One of the policies is to train Carlson Company’s workers to identify potential traffickers and sex tourists. Another Carlson Company’s policy is those tourists are required to provide information to the hotel to see signs of illegal actions. In 2006, the Carlson Company wanted to expand their industry to other countries. They chose Cuba as their first destination of expansion. The Carlson Company wanted to establish a hotel in a lucrative area of Costa Rica. After the Carlson Company research the area more, they found out that the area was known for children sex trafficking and prostitution. Some executives at the Carlson Companies feared to expand the Regent hotel chain into Costa Rica because it might create conflict with the Carlson’s Code. If the company abandons this project then the company will surely lose an

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