The Carnegie Museum Of Art

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Project 1: The Carnegie Museum
The Carnegie Museum of Art was a museum created to focus on the art of tomorrow rather than already popular art and artists of today. A necessary part for that dream of Andrew Carnegie to become a reality is having a place to house these art pieces. While of course he could have just found an empty warehouse and placed all the art there that would neither have given the pieces of art justice nor would anyone want there personal collection to be placed on display there. Instead, in order to have a successful art museum you have to house the art in a place that does it justice. Museums heavily rely on their architecture to accurately portray and supplement the showpieces within the museum. Carnegie’s art museum
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The openness causing you to want to explore and discover what this museum has to offer.
(See Diagram 1) Going from the intense darkness of the walls and tile in the space beforehand to the bright and engagingly light room once you open the door is a very intense chance. It creates an awakening of excitement and alertness in your journey throughout the gallery. While this transition is nice in this aspect that it awakens you to the art its not the most desirable simply because it is rather drastic and can be a little to much to handle for those with sensitive eyes that need to wait to adjust completely to the new lighting intensity. When you step out of this room to the photography room on the right your feelings within the surrounding change once again. In the first room of the museum the tile is white and thus reflects light, creating yet more light in the surrounding area. The walls go from light and colorful shades to a medium tinted of gray creating a more plain mood within the room. In the side room full of photography the flooring changes from white large stone tiles to wood panel flooring. The opening to this second room is an opening the wall rather than another doorway but instead of the opening stretching all the way up to the ceiling, there is a thinner horizontal plank at the top that is an almost metallically aluminum color. The space is divided up
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