The Carolina Wilderness Outfitters Is A Retailer For Outdoor Enthusiasts

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The Carolina Wilderness Outfitters is a retailer for outdoor enthusiasts. The company was started in the 1930’s and grew to have a following of consumers from its North Carolina residents within fifty years of growth. The head of internal auditing Sue Ramos initiated an investigation after receiving a Tel & Tel report. The call that was noticed was from an ex-employee from the company alleging that there was wrongful termination that had taken place. Ms. Ramos had assumed that the investigation would be completed and she would be able to move on to more pressing matters until new evidence was presented last week showing issues with the accounting for the company. Ms. Ramos did not feel that the allegation made by the caller would produce anything worth pursuing but had a gut instinct that maybe further investigating was warranted.
Ms. Ramos already knew that this was going to be a difficult task as there was little to go on and the new evidence was not considered concrete in showing details of the issues within the accounting department. Not to mention, Ms. Ramos already had what would be considered higher priority matters to deal with and was limited on the resources that were available for the investigation. Ms. Ramos was also aware that Carolina Wilderness Outfitters was seven days away from the date that the financial statements for the third quarter had to be reported to the Security Exchange Commission (SEC).
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The investigation began when…
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