The Carolina Wilderness Outfitters Is A Retailer For Outdoor Enthusiasts

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The Carolina Wilderness Outfitters is a retailer for outdoor enthusiasts. The company was started in the 1930’s and grew to have a following of consumers from its North Carolina residents within fifty years of growth. The head of internal auditing Sue Ramos initiated an investigation after receiving a Tel & Tel report. The call that was noticed was from an ex-employee from the company alleging that there was wrongful termination that had taken place. Ms. Ramos had assumed that the investigation would be completed and she would be able to move on to more pressing matters until new evidence was presented last week showing issues with the accounting for the company. Ms. Ramos did not feel that the allegation made by the caller
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The details referred to other departments and shed light on more than just age being the reason why Ms. Koster was terminated from the company.

The purpose of this investigation is to determine whether or not there is was a financial statement issue within the accounting department of Carolina Wilderness Outfitters. Though the initial investigation is based on another issue regarding the accounting department, there may be more to incident that is an underlying issue. This investigation is predicated by a phone call made to the ethics hotline by Betty Koster alleging that she was wrongfully terminated due to her age and claims discrimination.

The Investigation Team Members
• Sue Ramos, Head of Internal Auditing
• Anthony Payne, Investigator
The investigation team took the following actions during the investigation:
• Conducted phone interviews with Betty Koster, Simon Peel, and Mark Tomkin.
• Obtained and reviewed notes of phone calls with Betty Koster.
• Obtained and reviewed performance evaluations of Betty Koster during her eight-year tenure with the company.
• Obtained and reviewed possible journal entries about volume rebates made from within the Accounting Department.
Individuals That Were Interviewed: the members of the

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