The Cartoon Society : The Simpsons : Sociological Role

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The Cartoon Society Simpsons in the sociology role The animated television series, The Simpsons has been an effective way in illustrating sociological themes. The Simpsons portrays a mini-society that addresses social institutions such as education, family, mass media, religion, and government through the family and their local community. The intersection of culture and social structure helps create the Simpson’s hometown “Springfield, USA”. The Simpsons represents contemporary American culture , and has been described as “ a funhouse mirror reflection of the ‘average’ American family, as it still persists in our national imagination” ( MacGregor 1999). This show uses causes and consequences of social processes to bring to light “real-life” topics. Images of adolescent deviance are common throughout the show and are implemented in numerous references such as the role of family, peers, schools and the law enforcement in promoting conformity and preventing delinquency. The Simpsons reflect current events and everyday social interactions in a comedic narrative. Recent episodes involved topics such as female entry into an all-male military school, gun control, the role or educational and religious socialization in promoting adolescent conformity and the corporate downsizing. These “real life” illustration provide examples from episodes that discusses situations we all have been through. For example , in “Lisa on Ice” curriculum requirements forces Lisa to play hockey.
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