The Cascade Volcanic Arc

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Stratovolcano and Shield volcanos are naturally occurring ruptures in the earth’s crust. They have been a part of our history for nearly 6,000 years and some say that they have been around longer than dinosaurs. While these events are rather cool to watch, they are known to be some of the most devastating natural disasters known to man. Volcanic hazards and eruptions continue to happen throughout the entire world and crisis aversion is something that is becoming more and more important.

Mount Saint Helens, located in the Cascade Volcanic Arc, is known to be one of the most deadliest and disruptive volcanic eruptions in recent history. It has a height of roughly 8,300 feet and is a stratovolcano. A stratovolcano is essentially a steep sided peak volcano that is very high in viscosity and contains large traces of volatiles, and additionally are large in nature. (Abbott). On May 18th, 1980, a 5.0 earthquake triggered a massive landslide which basically caused a side of the northern flank to fall down the summit. The blast destroyed nearly 230 miles of land and is claimed to
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They have what is called an AFM, or Acoustic Flow Monitor that measures the vibrations from the ground at various frequencies. When the frequency waves hit a certain threshold, the system automatically notifies the people in charge to make any evacuation decisions necessary (Abbott). In addition to the frequency monitoring systems, the NOAA does broadcast warnings through an Emergency Alert System, similar to a Reverse 911 call. Additionally, the State of Washington has developed detailed evacuation plans for its residents and is also under multiple siren and base station monitoring programs as well. (USGS). Lastly, the federal government has created numerous volcano observatories which monitor this volcanic activity. There are approximately 65 monitoring stations throughout the US.
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