The Case Against Grades By Russel Baker

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Though standarized testing such as SRI, SAT, MAP, and ACT testing may seem like the perfect way to prepare students for the future, by proving a better chance at gaining a better education, schools should be focused more on the improvement skills of the students, other than forced testing. In the article, “The Case Against Grades” by Alfie Kohn proves that test are only effecting students, and not affecting them in good ways by causing stress and hamilaiton towards the students. Futher more, in the essay “School Vs Education” by Russel Baker, a journalist from Balitmore, aruges that there are defintely problems with schools today, and Baker questions, is formal education really necessary? In quite comparison, In “The Big Score” by Daniel…show more content…
Creative writing? Forget it. Instead, they say, teachers emphasize a boilerplate essay format that exam scorers prefer.” Likewise, what Baker states, McGinn feels the same way about creativity being not an option at all on Standalized test. I agree as well, exam after exam are taken and I must say the number two pencil has more style than another of the answers we have to pick in the whole test packages. For instance, on the writing portion of any high school exam, students get so excited to finally express how they feel about a certain subject, but than get a essay question like, “The price of greatnes is responsiblity.” (Winston Churchill) That quote is just reading 4 years of history books all over again. Student’s can’t use any type of imagination in any essay questions like that. Test adviors, and teachers may say don’t “doodle” in the test booklet, but most artisie kids would have to in order to not drool all over the pages. Test seem to just be numb, and imprisions students to a desk, paper, and pencil for a few hours. In fact, because of standarized test students may simply just give up getting a education all together. Also, McGinn says, “The biggest difference: low scores can bring real pain. Kids can be held back, forced into summer school or, under rules in 26 states, denied a diploma.” McGinn basically states that real life isn’t just a mutiple choice question. You can’t just say, A.) I’m going to be a doctor. B.) I want to be a millionaire over night. or C.) I’m going fail all my test, and be successful. McGinn says it doesn’t work that way and because of low test scores not only students, but teacher’s lives can be in jepordy. As mentioned in this other statement, “Educators can lose pay or be fired; schools can face state takeover. In polls, the tests win wide public support, and

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