The Case Against Monarchy

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The Case Against Monarchy
The idea that a monarchy is the ideal form of government is a fallacy. Al-Farabi and Aquinas’ ideas about government are wrong, and are filled with irreparable holes. In modern times, the idea of a monarchy has become counter-intuitive and counter-productive. A democratic republic paired with an educated and empowered middle-class is the solution to the quandary of how to create the perfect government. While the ideas of the Arabic philosophers are interesting, there ideas on the perfection of monocratic rule are outdated by both new technology and new ideas
Al-Farabi says that, “what is intended by man's existence is that he attains supreme happiness (Bailey 285).” Al-Farabi’s fixation is on that of what makes
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Why must it be assumed that they are morally incompetent?
Al-Farabi and Aquinas would argue that there is no one to hold up the social contract. They argue that even if everyone has a proper education, corruption will inevitably occur in a government based around fairness. Yet if we look to Plato and Aristotle, we can see that there can be a class in-between rich and poor who fight both morally and moderately. If we turn society to be based on merit instead of socio-economic standing, than we can create a government which is truly free of both class warfare and corruption. We can see a platonic government ruled by representatives made up of an Aristocratic class, one which is artificially engineered to work for the people. (Wikipedia contributors Plato's five regimes). We can follow a polity-system government of Aristotle. We can see our government “characterized as a kind of “mixed” constitution typified by rule of the “middle” group of citizens, a moderately wealthy class between the rich and poor (Miller).” Just as rulers may command, we should allow our government of the educated middle-class to represent.
Yet, while Aristotle and Plato provide a blueprint for government, what is a concrete example of a working democratic republic? The answer is of course the United States. The United States combines a unique system of
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