The Case Against Standardized Testing : Raising The Scores, Ruining The Schools

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Alfie Kohn’s book, The Case Against Standardized Testing: Raising the Scores, Ruining the Schools, presents a dispute against the standardized testing that is used to assessment the academic performance of schools. The text is highly political slant in contradiction with the standardized testing. Kohn’s argument stated that test should not be used in high-stake ways that is be given to school today or in the past. The text is written in question and answer format where the author is able to defend his theory. The author’s attempt is to clarify the fault with standardized testing as a method of evaluation students and teacher success in the classroom. Kohn also offered his ways of dealing with the situation, which may be out of some teachers’ comfort zone, or label as unrealistic goal due to certain factors within the school system such as budget and resources. The outline of the argument focus more of educational leaders, and lawmakers who put this policy in effect. Kohn believed that standardized testing does not measure the level of teaching and learning. As we noticed from previous lessons, standardized testing is a method of evaluation teacher, which I believed is an inaccurate way of determine the level of learning and teaching. The point made in this book about standardized testing only prove that school lower their standards in order to achieve their goal of passing these assessment and testing. I may have not agree with the analogy he made in comparing smoker and
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