The Case Analysis Of Sycamore Pharmaceuticals

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In today’s world people would have you believe that ethics is a questionable requirement. That ethics is based on perception. Wither we see ethics the same way or not in the business world we should all agree that right is right and wrong is wrong. In business we should all live by a certain standard of fairness that includes an amount of personal morals that prevent you from simply following the crowd. If you want to be a true leader in the business world it requires a certain amount of courage to do what is right regardless of the personal consequences. In the case analysis of Sycamore Pharmaceuticals John Blake should come forward with the information that he has on the negative study about Osteoporin. Telling the truth is the ethical and responsible thing to do for his company and for the people using this product. This honesty may cost Mr. Blake his position within the company but will protect his reputation in the business world and could prevent legal action to be taken against him. Failure to be honest could still cost him his position and damage his reputation preventing him from finding work elsewhere. There is truth in the saying that trust is hard to earn and easy to lose and once lost even harder to regain. In helping Mr. Blake to weigh his option to be come forward with the truth or to continue to follower the leadership of others within the company he can look at the pros and cons of the situation. If Mr. Blake comes forward with the information he had he
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