The Case Brown V Board Of Education

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The court case came about when Plessy [a man of mixed race, one eighth black to be precise)], sat in a white’s only railway car in New Orleans. He was asked to vacate the car, but when he refused he was arrested and awaited trial. After getting a lawyer, he appealed and was able to have his case heard by the Supreme Court. This law allowed further segregation legislation to pass, and justified racial segregation in many institutions (such as school) establishing a Jim Crow system (Horton and Moresi 2001). This legislation rationalized segregation, as long as everything was “equal”, but nothing really changed. Further, this ruling would be overturned and new legislation in the interest of African Americans would rise. Later, in 1954, The Supreme Court’s ruling in Brown v the Board of Education, overturned the ruling in Plessy v Ferguson. The case Brown v Board of Education was the result of a class action suit filed by 13 Topeka, Kansas parents on behalf of their children (20 kids) (Manz 2004). The law suit requested that the school district allow children of color to attend their home school. The School district imposed an (equal but separate) segregation law within the elementary school system, which was permitted by law but not required (Manz 2004). According to Horton and Moresi, it was difficult to pass legislation, because “the views of one African American were not the views of all African Americans” (2001). They mention that some African American parents felt that…
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