The Case Called The Nuclear Tube Assembly Room

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I. Summary This paper provides information on the Quinn model which is also known as the competing values framework. It provides background information about the framework, and how through collaborative usage of it leads to successful management outcomes. Analysis of the effectiveness of the framework is demonstrated through examples from a case called the Nuclear Tube Assembly Room. This paper will also provide insight to the effects and the importance of using the framework to optimize organizational effectiveness and managerial leadership. II. Competing Value Framework The competing value framework is based on an integrated model for management. The dynamic model leverages an interwoven approach of four distinct management techniques…show more content…
III. Position Statement The use of the competing values framework was demonstrated through Ralph Langley’s management style. He leveraged the four distinct models collaboratively as he led the production staff of the nuclear assembly room. His management approach help lead to the following: an increase in profits for the tube manufacturing operations, team cohesiveness amongst the production staff, individual ownership and problem solving during the production process, staff pride in meeting production goals and deadlines, and respect as well as admiration for management in the assembly room. The current positive direction of the nuclear assembly room staff under Langley’s leadership was in contrast to the department two years prior to him assuming the role as general foreman. It can be concluded that Langley displayed mastery of the competing values framework within the scope of his role as general foreman for the assembly room at American Radiatronics. He was able to develop a word class staff that was able to work as a team to accomplish the goals of the production unit and the company. IV. Evidence Langley demonstrated mastery on the competing values framework on various occasions as he led his production team. He displayed use of each model in distinct ways by his actions. A prime example of his use of one model, the human relations approach, was showcased in his desire to develop relationships and
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