The Case For Feminist Revolution By Shulamith Firestone

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The major and consistent feminist goals throughout time have always been centered around reproductive rights. From the introduction of birth control to the acceptance of surrogacy, feminists have fought for every milestone. In today’s society, reproductive and medical technologies are growing at an incredible rate, allowing individuals to be liberated from gender conventions and oppression. Though having these technological advances are comforting, some feminists argue whether having these newfound reproductive and medical options are what is best for womankind, or if it simply adheres to the patriarchy. In society, the idea of a heteronormative and nuclear family-based life is pushed on young women, and men, from birth. In the article The Dialect of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution by Shulamith Firestone, she discusses how oppressive marriage and motherhood is towards women and how technology can free women from their biological roles. In fact, she states her demands for an alternative system, which includes, “the freeing of women from the tyranny of their reproductive biology by every means available, and the diffusion of the childbearing and childbearing role to the society as a whole, men as well as women” (247). In other words, women cannot truly be free until they are not the only ones responsible for childbearing and mothering children. Though some would argue that men are present in a child’s life, Firestone would retort that fathers do not share the same
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